What Can you do To Become Rich ??

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  • Dated: Thursday, July 28, 2011

I know Everyone have their nerve held after reading the title,Isn’t it ? ?? and I am also very sure that, you at some point of time have wondered about ways to Mint money, ways that can earn you more, and definitely your ultimate dream was to become Rich ?

But the Question is why do you want to Become Rich?? Does Money Brings happiness??

No. It's just an illusion that wealth brings happiness. When someone desires to earn millions of money, what it brings is leisure in standard of living.

When the scientists look at research into people's reported happiness and life satisfaction. They find that people are likely to overrate the joy-bringing effect of whatever they're thinking about at the time, whether it's money or the number of dates they had last week. When countries experience a sudden increase in income, there is not a corresponding increase in citizens' sense of well-being. Psychological studies show that the wealthier people are, the more intense negative emotions they experience. People at all income levels say they need about 40 percent more than they make

Focusing on the illusion that money makes you happy may have an unexpected side effect. It may make your life worse.

Money is a measure of success, and a handy one at that. But there is a dark side to this fact: People tend to forget that money is only a measure. Some people focus on money for its own sake, forgetting what really brings the happiness.

When you start making more money, you spend more time making money -- and have less leisure time -- than you did before.


There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen. The process is simple:

1. Get Educated.

2. Work Hard.

3. Make money.

4. Don’t spend all of your money.

5. Save some money.

6. Invest that money.

7. And Repeat

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